Letter from the City of Sanford

June 14, 2019

Letter from the City of Sanford to the shorefront property owners on Mousam and Goose Pond regarding work to be done to the Emery Mills dam this Fall. See below for the letter text.

Dear Shorefront Property Owner:

In cooperation with the Mousam Watershed Dam Coalition, the City of Sanford (which owns and maintains the Emery Mills Dam) is planning some work on the dam this year. The work is intended to improve the condition and endurance of the dam, and will consist of removing some vegetation that has grown up on the upstream north side of the dam and installing grout in areas where the dam has become permeable. The design work has been completed and all of the necessary permits are in hand. In order to accomplish the work, the lake level will need to be lowered.

Recognizing the recreational value of the lake to residents, sports enthusiasts and others, the City has planned the work to minimize disruption to recreational use. We plan to begin lowering the lake on October 1, a little earlier in the season than normal, and will lower the water level about two feet below the normal winter level. Boats and docks that are normally removed at the end of the season should be out by October 1. The restoration work on the dam will begin in mid-October and will last about 1 month. We are planning to have the work completed and to begin raising the water to the normal winter level on November 23. The lowered level will impact Mousam Lake (upper and lower), Goose Pond and Loon Pond. The water level in Square pond is not controlled by the Emery Mills dam, and will not be affected by these changes in level or timing. The summer water level in Square Pond will be maintained through mid-October.

Residents should take advantage of this opportunity to perform work on the shorefront if permits and designs can be obtained. Questions related to the work on the Emery Mills Dam or the plan and schedule of the work should be directed to Alex Hammerle, Director of Facilities for the City of Sanford.

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