Emery Mills Dam Repair Update 10/21/19

Here’s where we are in the project as of this morning:


·         We began lowering the lake system on October 1 as planned.  The lake system is currently drawn down to about 3’ below the normal target summer level.  The draw down is necessary for two main reasons:  (1) to allow access for equipment to reach, clean and repair the upstream slope, and (2) to reduce or eliminate water flow through the dam for the pressure grouting process.  The original plan was to lower the level of the lake system by 4’, but leakage through the dam has stopped.  Since there have been several reports of wells running dry as a result of the lowering, the plan is not to lower the water level any further unless necessary.  At this time, the plan is to begin raising the water level back to the normal winter level on or about November 23.  Square pond has been kept with summer water levels, and this will help with refilling the lake system, but the rate that the level rises will be heavily dependent on the weather.

·         GZA has installed some equipment at the dam to monitor for movement during the work.  This includes crack gauges, brackets for plumb bobs, and targets installed on concrete pads.

·         Road construction is currently underway and is expected to be complete in about a week.  As the work gets closer to the dam and edge of the lake, erosion and sedimentation controls will be installed.  This installation has to be completed and approved by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection before work on the dam can begin.

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