Emery Mills Dam Repair Update 10/29/19

Here’s update #2 on the Emery Mills Dam project:
·   The roadway is roughed in to the north end of the dam. Erosion controls have been installed to prevent any loose soils from washing into the water.
·   Much of the vegetation has been removed from the upstream slope of the dam. There are still a few locations where vegetation remains to be removed and roots still remain.
·   The concrete pad is scheduled to be removed tomorrow and GZA will be on site with vibration monitoring equipment to ensure that the work doesn’t affect the dam integrity.
·   Boring and grouting work is expected to begin next week. While grouting in close proximity to the gatehouse, we’ll have a commercial dive team in the water to make sure that grout doesn’t get into the gate mechanism. They will also be cleaning the trash racks and performing routine maintenance on the parts of the dam that are still submerged.
We are still on target to complete the project on schedule, and begin restoring the water to the normal winter level on or before November 23.

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